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ChaptersTM is our CRCC Tried Tested Trued Brand Development Methodology!

ChaptersTM is our CRCC Tried Tested Trued Brand Development Methodology!

Lifestyle Connections
and Streamlined Content
Make the Difference ! 

Below is the CRCC 3 Step  Chapters® Methodology to Above Average Success ! 

Areas that can enhance user experience:

STEP 1: Repositioning The Brand - By adding more creative focus CRCC builds the Positioning of your business and other products being sold in the which includes creative with custom photography key messaging and on site brand analysis that is dynamic and reminds the target demographic of the category of products and variety of products being sold. As this would be considered to Click Here to see the Path or Journey Branding Package.

See Examples of this below or go to

Thereby giving each area of your Store front Brand Value. i.e. the value that is added to this product will be in the line of adding high quality, key messaging that CRCC can write for you to showcase the top notch product that showcases the style of craftsmanship and quality of products. By adding value to the variety of services and products being offered thus the Online experience of this new Website and branding with marketing materials etc will be The Star Of The Show!

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CRCC creative approach and methodology called

STEP 2: The Purpose of Future Positioning :

To Bring back the Online Customer to Purchase Again and Again.

To help reflect the various products that are available to be seen to give a preview and an online experience that will enhance the overall look of the current perception and create a new look for a unique inviting experience that helps to reach a more targeted demographic to thus bring about a Greater Overall Impression and First to Mind Reaction and Streamlined Lifestyle Experience igniting a most powerful response of great appreciation for the brand and products as this is something CRCC has done time and time again they will remember when they are seeking to find out which product they will most likely seek to purchase again and again all due to this online experience.

The approach to this is as followed:

-  Develop Consistent Key Messaging that reinforces and highlights the Inspiration for some of the most sought and top selling services or products of a Variety of Content and News.

- Important info with messaging that educates and explains what the Products are that are being sold at your store such as the High Valued and proper cost of some products than others.

   - Tell the story of the brand and services and other products offered at the location with various menu items it will be offering so as to appeal to various categories of products with content that resonates to the buying audience.

- Add Streamline Social Media i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.. Content to Help Online Conversions and Sales

-  Content added to build a Mobile Responsiveness thus over 90% of First Time Visitors will not stick around to See your Website - because of the Lack of Quick Loading Times for Website and Pages.

Lifestyle Connections and Streamlined Content Makes the Difference

Step 3: CRCC Offers a Current Overall or Preliminary Brand Assessment : 

CRCC will review your current online content for the other menu items being offered on this. We will outline the 3 main areas that seem to be a major way to help you grow your brand and Website.

CRCC Starts with these 3 Main areas
they outlined and listed below.

1. Consistency using Key Messaging and Graphics to combine a strong overall look and feel. Can include custom graphics and lifestyle photos that connect to the target audience
ie a Carousel with Specific Scenarios of Photo Locations.
2. Key Messaging by Having Headlines, Icons that maximize and Target the Main Demographic.

3. Value Oriented Offerings of the Quality and Benefits of your Products.

This can all  be done through your Print Signage, Packaging, and Social Media

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