Leslies Pools Cool SummerZ Private Label Logo Brand Identity

"Creating a brand for Leslies that is now carried in all Leslies 800 stores nationwide. Leslies was pleased with the brand and packaging that they received" 

Leslies Pools - Cool SummerZ Private Label
Logo Brand Identity Summer Pool Toys and First Ever Private Label with Marketing Strategy 

Meeting with the VP of Sales for Leslie's then building a brand strategy for the masses of small families seeking to celebrate birthdays during the hot summers was an absolute blast !

As we put on our thinking caps and began to think what was it that reminded us of all the FUN in the SUN ? So many names were suggested but what was top of the Mind was Cool SummerZ.

Project needed Naming of Brand, Packaging Design and POS Marketing

used in multiple Retail Store Touch points to increase Brand Awareness.

What we did
- Market Research
- Key Messaging
- Naming of the Brand
- Brand Development
- CopyWriting
- Creative Strategy

Adobe Portfolio naming Brand Development

Adobe Portfolio naming Brand Development

Adobe Portfolio naming Brand Development

Results: The Divine Inspiration for Leslie's Pool Cool SummerZ private label brand is all about Safe Swimming Fun! and Pool Party Time! Fun in the Sun was used to bring in a greater amount of sales than many could have imagined with an Increase in major numbers of their first annual sales for the 800 plus stores through the nation. Leslies was very very very pleased.

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A New Toy Company called XtreemK-os Needed Branding and Board Design Graphics with various Logo designs for a Beginners Skateboard Product created for kids under 9 years of age. Apparel and other graphics were also designed to tie into some of the graphics from the various boards and other design elements.

Being around skateboarders for many years taught us that the identity needed to resonate with the first time riders and that they would know that getting bumps and bruises is all part of the the learning process but there is also a little K-os and to this end Xtreem-K-os was launched as the Brand Name. 

Results: The XtreemK-os brand has been received with great excitement and is getting great attention as a new riding device for those - just getting started in the Boarding lifestyle - and the apparel has been greatly appreciated tying in the name of the brand and the brand concepts of the K-os. 

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