VersaPro Custom Brand Development

Versa Pro Custom Brand Development
for Athletic Training Kits

Market Strategy: Taking care of your joints and muscles the right way is what the VersaFlexx Brand is all about and now a new line of products was needed for the VersaPro Throw Punch Swing and Agility. To start CRCC created a Brand Identity, and Icons along with Collateral, and Catalogue.

The VersaPro brand has taken off since its implentation as it has resonated with those seeking after a safer way to protect their joints and yet receive a healthy strong workout it also has been seen by Professional MLB teams such as the recent Chicago Cubs World Series baseball team and many who are seeking an edge to exercising and will soon to be available in retail and in Sears outlet stores.

See More Print and Email Marketing  Examples below.

graphic layout

graphic layout

Amazing Majestic Glorious landscapes are the backdrop of these new custom homes.

Resting on the Lochen Heath Golf course. Amazing views inspired by a European Luxury Golf Course launches a Direct mail and Email Marketing campaign. 

See how the creative for the campaign was used to reflect the design of their website at

graphic layout
graphic layout

Results: Lochen heath was able to use the Direct mail as the launch for these amazing new land developments to help outline the various areas for those anticipating the launch of these Majestic Amazing Locations on the Golf Course and Lakeside views. As the email marketing campaign gives a great way for both print and email marketing.

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